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Who we are

D’n’D tours have always been about the people - our great ideas, passion, courage to explore new paths, all united by the shared goal to make traveling easy and comfortable. We believe that diversity and willingness to learn about other cultures is what really defines our team. Experienced travelers with different backgrounds, who have been to many countries, contribute to our team and work hard to come up with the best itineraries for you.

Our mission

Traveling is an essential part of our lives; it makes you speechless, and then turns into a storyteller. All of the members of our team are skilled travelers who have discovered our beautiful world and now they are eager to help you out! We want to ruin the stereotypes about traveling with travel companies and show you that organized tours have many advantages! There are still many breath-taking places which are unexplored! Our travel company has so much to offer you and can cater for all tastes. We have a big variety of different tours and we’ll be glad to create an amazing trip for you for a very reasonable price!

Our Advantages


Our amazing and energetic team works hard all the time to elaborate new unique tours during which you will always be accompanied by one of our kind and helpful guides! He will always be there for you to make sure you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay! By the way, we don’t charge extra for that. What is more, most of the activities, food and accommodation are already included in the price of the tour because we want you to unwind and make the best memories out of your trip! We are always open for new ideas so don’t hesitate to ask us to elaborate a special tour for you depending on your tastes and desires. Our young and client-oriented team is always ready to help you get the best out of your holiday. Don’t forget that life is a book and if you don’t travel, you read only one page!

Why people choose us


  • Most of our tours are all-inclusive
  • A guide always accompanies groups
  • We can elaborate a special tour just for you without extra fee
  • We are client-oriented and your opinion is the most important for us
  • We are always there for you to help you out with whatever you need
  • Our team consists of experienced, kind, polite and hard-working professionals
  • We can help you book the tickets anytime
  • We always solve any kind of the problems
  • We organize extreme tours too!
  • We treat all our customers as VIP clients

Our Wonderful Team

Dimi  has traveled to many countries and got inspired by their diversity and uniqueness. He discovered all of European contries and is ready to share his experience with you.
Tours Advisor
Travelling is Derek's real passion. This guy visited lots countries during the last 10 years and still spends all his money on trips. He knows how to meet all the expectations of a traveller.
Support Manager
Meet our support manager Caroline who has already visited many countries and swam in 4 oceans. Traveling is her favorite thing to do in life. She can give you a really good advice concerning any destination and answer all your questions.
Support Manager
Hi, I`m Alex, an expert in adventurous activities. I'm here to turn your ideas into activities and make them interesting and as safe as possible. If you have questions about skiing, climbing, caving, rafting, trekking... - ask me!