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Home Tours The Castle Tour ( Galicia and Podolia)
Duration: 7 days
Location: Kiev-Lviv- Lutsk- Medzhybizh- Kamianets-Podilsky- Chernivtsi
Price: £749
Duration: 7 days
Location: Kiev-Lviv- Lutsk- Medzhybizh- Kamianets-Podilsky- Chernivtsi
Price: £ 449

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We want to invite you on an exciting adventure tour around Ukrainian castles which date back to 11th - 14th centuries. On this amusing trip you will see places which were untouched by humans, learn about their history, visit museums and even see  the archeological  excavations. The real magic and mysteriousness of Ukraine is hidden in its castles and fortresses which welcome every tourist. Once upon a time, they were mighty fortifications and residences which served to protect the borders of the country. Nowadays, they were converted into museums and cultural objects that remain their magnificent architecture and old replicas of the weapons. There are a great number of castles in Ukraine which are worth seeing, for example, the Kamianets-Podilsk fortress, the Mukachevo castle, the Medzhubizh castle, the Khotyn fortress and so many more. All the castles and fortresses left a noticeable mark on the history of Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Turkey. So many tourists from all around the world come to Ukraine in order to discover its breath-taking history and might! This tour is perfect for history-lovers, people who like tales and are keen on adventure! Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Ukraine with us!



Breakfast 5 Lunch 4 Dinner 1
Train, private car/ mini van
Hotel (5 nights)
Lutsk city tour and castle tour Tarakaniv fortress tour Khotyn fortress tour Medzhybizh fortress tour Chernivtsi city tour Kamianets fortress tour







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Day 1

On the first day, you arrive in Kiev. We pick you up at the airport and you have one free day in the capital of Ukraine. Later, in the evening, we take you to the railway station, where you get on the train to historical city Lviv.

Day 2

On the second day, we’ll meet you up at the railway station and take you to the local café so you can have delicious breakfast and enjoy the beginning of your day in Lviv. A city with a lively history in Ukraine’s west was founded in the 13th century and has changed flags many times in the years since, having been part of Poland, Austria-Hungary, and the Soviet empire. The city’s well-preserved historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Climb the tower at the town hall for a great city view. The Lviv Opera House is dazzling and hosts world-class performances. After having your breakfast you’ll go on the excursion around the city where you’ll be told some interesting facts about it and soak up the atmosphere. Later on, we’ll take you to the comfortable hotel, where you will be able t to take a shower, get some rest and then enjoy your free time until the next day.

Day 3

On the third day, you’ll check out from the hotel, we’ll pick you up and take to the next Ukrainian city which is called Lutsk. Lutsk is a city and administrative center of Volyn region of Ukraine. It is one the oldest cities of the country dating back from 1085, where one of the most interesting castles is located. You will get this awesome opportunity to visit the castle, go for a wander there and take pictures! After visiting the castle, we’ll take you to the café where you can taste mouth-watering Ukrainian food and get some rest. Later in the evening, you will head to the next city Dubno where you’ll stay at the hotel till the next morning.

Day 4

The Dubno city is famous for its legendary Tarakaniv fortress where you will go on the excursion. Tarakanovskiy fort is a rectangular-shaped construction resembling a rhombus more.  Its walls were about 240 m. Outside, the castle is surrounded by a wide and deep moat. In the middle of the fort, there was a two-story building, to which a long stone tunnel was dug and preserved till our time. After visiting the castle, you’ll have a meal at one of the local cafes and return to the hotel.

Day 5

On the fifth day, we’ll take you to see the Medzhybizh fortress. Originally the wooden castle was founded sometime in 1146 by Bolokh (or Bolekhiv) princes. The castle survived the Mongol’s invasion, but in 1254 it was dismantled by Daniel of Galicia on the Mongol’s orders as several other castles and fortresses in the Kingdom of Rus. The castle was rebuilt by Koriatovych princes after the Grand Duke of Lithuania defeated the Golden Horde at the Battle of Blue Watres in 1362. After the excursion, you’ll have lunch and go to the city Hmelnyckiy, where you’ll stay at the hotel over the night.

Day 6

After eating your breakfast, you’ll head to see another fabulous castle which is located in Kamianets-Podilskyi. Historical accounts date Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle to the early 14th century, although recent archaeological evidence has proved human existence in the area back to the 12th or 13th century.Initially built to protect the bridge connecting the city with the mainland, the castle sits on top of a peninsula carved out by the winding Smotrych River, forming a natural defense system for Kamianets-Podilskyi’s historic Old Town neighborhood. After an excursion, you’ll have lunch at the local restaurant with a beautiful view on the fortress. Later you’ll go to the Khotyn castle which is located very close. The Khotyn Fortress is a fortification complex located on the right bank of the Dniester River. The Khotyn Fort was built in the 10th century as one of the border fortifications of southwestern Kievan Rus’. The fort, which eventually was rebuilt into a fortress, was located on important transportation routes, which connected Scandinavia and Kiev with the Ponyzia (lowlands), Podillia, Genoese and Greek colonies on the Black Sea, through the famous «trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks”. After the excursion, we’ll take you to the city which is called Chernivtsi, where you’ll stay at the hotel.

Day 7

On the last day of the amusing trip you’ll have one free day in Chernivtsi where we’ll take you on the walking tour around the city. Chernivtsi like every city in the region has long and complicated history. The fortress existed here before 13th century and was destroyed by Mongol invasion, later the settlement was part of Poland, Moldavia and Austria-Hungary (Chernivtsi was the capital of one of the regions – Bukovina; this was the time of greatest development). In 20th century Chernivtsi belonged to Romania, USSR and, since 1991, independent Ukraine.

In the evening you can take a train or a bus to Kiev.

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Hurry Up!

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Main Cities of the Tour

  • Kiev
  • Lviv
  • Luts'k
  • chernivtsi

Kiev is known as Mother of Russian cities. Once upon a time, King Oleg united the northern and southern Rus in one state and proclaimed Kiev its capital. These historical events forever impacted its history. There are many churches, monuments and other attributes which date back to IX century. So many tourists come to Kiev in order to learn more about ancient world, explore unique churches and simply enjoy the local atmosphere. This city is located in the very heart of the country and becomes more and more popular among foreigners.