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Location: Kiev-Odessa-Kharkiv-Dnipro-Lviv-Uzhhorod-Chernivtsi
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Duration: 15 days
Location: Kiev-Odessa-Kharkiv-Dnipro-Lviv-Uzhhorod-Chernivtsi
Price: £ 1199

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We would love to offer you this exciting 15-day Grand tour around Ukraine. Big, diverse
and largely undiscovered, Ukraine is one of Europe’s last genuine travel frontiers, a nation rich
in colourful tradition, warm-hearted people and off-the- map experiences. Ukraine is big. In fact
it's Europe’s biggest country (not counting Russia, which isn’t entirely in Europe) and packs a lot
of diversity into its borders. You can be clambering around the Carpathians in search of Hutsul
festivities, sipping Eastern Europe’s best coffee in sophisticated Lviv and partying on the beach
in Odesa all in a few days. Ukrainians are also a diverse crowd: from the wired sophisticates of
Kyiv’s business quarters to the Gogolesque farmers in Poltava, the Hungarian-speaking bus
drivers of Uzhhorod to the Crimean Tatar cafe owners just about everywhere, few countries
boast such a mixed population. This tour can surprise even a very experienced tourist as long as
Ukraine has so much to offer. We want to invite you to explore seven main cities that are
located in the Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Ukraine. It is a unique opportunity to go
for a wander around the cities, discover the variety of cuisines and tastes, encounter with local
people, swim in the Ukrainian hot tubs, visit a few unique museums, spend 2 days at the sea
side and discover how beautiful the seashore is even in the winter! What is more, you will ruin
all the stereotypes about this amusing and vivid country! This tour is suitable for adventure-
seekers, who love life, traveling and are not afraid of the new places. Don’t underestimate the
opportunity to discover all the Ukraine in 15 days with us!



Breakfast 13 Lunch 3 Dinner 2
Train, private car/ mini van
Hotel (10 nights)
Kiev city tour; Kharkiv city tour; Dnipro city tour; Odessa city tour; Lviv city tour; Uzhhorod city tour; Chernivtsi city tour; Pysanka museum; Uzhhorod castle tour; Catacombs in Odessa.

Day 1

Kiev- the capital of Ukraine welcomes you! We are very glad that your Grand trip starts exactly with this city because it is not only the main city of the country, but also its cultural center. Kiev is known as Mother of Russian cities. Once upon a time, King Oleg united the northern and southern Rus in one state and proclaimed Kiev its capital. These historical events forever impacted its history. There are many churches, monuments and other attributes which date back to IX century. So many tourists come to Kiev in order to learn more about ancient world, explore unique churches and simply enjoy the local atmosphere. This city is located in the very heart of the country and becomes more and more popular among foreigners. Once you arrive, we will pick you up from the airport and will take to the hotel. Later on you will have free time to take a stroll around the city and get some rest before the next day starts!

Day 2

On the second day, we will organize an excursion for you around the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv (also known as Kiev), a scenic city of close to 3 million people situated on the Dnipro River, is the bustling capital of Ukraine. The art and architecture of Kyiv are world treasures. The Cathedral of St. Sophia has outstanding mosaics and frescoes dating back to the 11th century. Overlooking the old section of Kyiv, Podol, stands the Ukrainian Baroque church of St. Andrew, much beloved by Ukrainians. The Percherska Lavra, the Monastery of the Caves, a short trolley ride from the center of town, has two 11th-century cathedrals on its grounds, in addition to its world-famous catacombs, bell tower, and museum collections. We will make sure that you see all the most important cultural objects of the city, learn about its fascinating history and encounter with the locals. Ukrainians are thought to be gloomy and reserved but in fact they are very out-going and kind-hearted people. They love making new friendships and are always glad to meet up with the foreigners because it is the best way to learn about one’s culture.  We believe that such encounters with Ukrainians will bring only positive emotions and will make your trip to Ukraine even more vivid.

Day 3

On the third day, you’ll have free time in Kiev when you can discover the city on your own and do some shopping. There are many cafes, shopping centers and other places of interest where you can unwind, buy some souvenirs or little presents for you loved ones. Kiev is pretty big city, therefore it requires time to discover it. During this day you can go on a gastronomic tour, for example, and learn more about local cuisine. The interesting fact is that Ukrainian cuisine is very diverse and it varies from region to region. There are many recipes of the famous Red beet soup which is also called “borshch”. Don’t underestimate the opportunity to explore the diversity of tastes and variety of local meals. What is more, we can give a leaflet with the most popular places that you just can’t miss out!  Later in the evening you will take a train to another Ukrainian city which is Kharkov.

Day 4

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine (after Kyiv, of course). 3/4 century ago it lost its status of the capital of Ukraine (Soviet Ukraine) but it still remains to be one of the most important destinations. The most popular landmark of Kharkiv is the Freedom Square, the third largest city square in Europe, and it takes the 7th place when speaking about the world. Kharkiv really deviates from Kiev and you can tell there is a difference from the first glance. Local architecture more resembles the Soviet times. The city’s remaining Soviet landmarks give Kharkiv an air of being caught between the past and the present. Here you will see the mixture of the Sovient and modern architecture. It is a unique phenomenon which is hardly found in any other city of the world. A local tour guide will take you to the most exciting places and will shed a light on the history of the city. Note: Despite the fact that it is located in the East of Ukraine, which city is absolutely safe and sound and there is no risk to be taken.  After the guided tour, you will have free time and a little bit later in the evening, you’ll catch a train to Dnipro and stay at the hotel over the night there.

Days 5+6

Dnipro is a dynamic and lively city. The city is surprisingly green along the wide and slow-moving Dnieper River (Dnepr in Russian, Dnipro in Ukrainian) and has remarkable embankments, long boulevards and spacious parks. It is also the major centre of high- technology industries, education, machine-building, metallurgy and trade. The city is not only famous for its commercial industry, but also its green hills and deep history. You will spend 2 days in this contemporary Ukrainian city during which you’ll go on the excursions and have some free time to enjoy the city on your own. Unique fact is that, big Jewish Diaspora lives in this city so don’t get surprised if you see special Jewish stores or even big commercial center. They are highly respected here. You can find a Jewish museum here too.  Concerning accommodation, you’ll stay at the local comfortable hotel over the night. On the 6 th day, you’ll take a train to Odessa.

Days 7+8

After having some quality time in Dnipro, you’ll head to Odessa. With just over a million people, Odessa is Ukraine’s fourth-largest city. Set in the country’s south along the Black Sea coast, Odessa was founded in the late 18th century as a Russian naval fortress. For many years in the mid-19th century, it was a free port, becoming home to a multinational populace. In 1905, it was the site of a major Russian Revolution uprising by crew members of the Battleship Potemkin. The nice old town area has a beautiful opera house, and the city has many great beaches. Odessa is a wonderful city standing on the Black Sea coast and it is often called the Pearl of the South. This city has a unique architectural style and ambiance. French and Italian architects worked in Odessa, therefore so many eye-cathing buldings abound here. It can cater for all tastes as long as it has so much to offer. So many tourists from all around the world come to Odessa just to soak up the atmosphere and get away from it all. Although Odessa has been a relaxation destination for as long as anyone can remember, you can also find here so many restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and resorts which just keep popping up to meet the demand of enthused tourists and adventurers drawn by this fascinating cultural center.You’ll spend 2 days in this amazing city during which you will be able to visit all main places, go on excursions, taste local food and have an encounter with local people. Concerning accommodation, you’ll stay at the local comfortable hotel over the night.

Days 9+10

Lviv is the next city that you’ll visit. It is a city with a lively history in Ukraine’s west was founded in the 13th century and has changed flags many times in the years since, having been part of Poland, Austria-Hungary and the Soviet empire. The city’s well-preserved historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture of Lviv, almost not affected during the wars of the 20th century, reflects many European styles of different historical epochs. The city’s architecture will show you the best of European styles from various periods. While walking through the streets of Lviv you will see baroque, renaissance and classic architecture. You’ll go on the excursions around the city, visit the catacombs and try delicious local cuisine. We bet you’ll fall for this city very fast!

Day 11

The next destination is a cozy Ukrainian city-Uzhhorod. This city, formerly known as Ungvar, is a border town which is located very close to Slovakia and Hungary. The phenomenal fact is that most of the locals speak both the Magyar and Ukrainian languages. This city really differs from the rest of the country because it was influenced by many tribes and cultures, such as Hungarians, Austrians, Polacks and others. With its large Hungarian and Romanian minorities and lots of cross-border wheeling and dealing, this is by far Ukraine’s most cosmopolitan regional capital. Its rather small size, cobbled streets, bridges, local shops with faded Hungarian signs and castles make this city a wonderful and popular destination. The city is also famous for its castle. The medieval castle standing on the hill in the Uzh River valley is ancient Uzhhorod’s historical heart and its major sight. Despite its venerable age, it is perfectly preserved and is reckoned among the most famous and frequently visited castles in Ukraine. Visiting it allows not only to see the priceless historical and architectural monument, but also to feel the true medieval spirit that soars in its walls. After the excursion, you’ll have lunch at one of the most popular restaurants of the region where you’ll be able to enjoy your meal. In the evening, you’ll go to the hotel which also offers swimming in the hot tubs where you can relax and finally let your hair down.

Day 12

On the 12th day, you’ll go to Mukachevo. Hidden away in the heart of Zakarpattia, surrounded by lush, majestic mountains, is one of the most magnificent cities in Ukraine, renowned for its unique history. On its tiny territory, Mukachevo has been able to fit an astounding number of original sights. The interweaving of different layers of history and culture, reflected in the city’s original appearance, its mysterious medieval atmosphere, and amazing harmony attract and delight even the most seasoned travelers. The city has Zakarpattia State Russian Drama Theater, a historical museum, the gallery and a lot of professional and amateur folk groups. Among all local attractions we would like to mention the Palanok castle which is one of the most visited places. Palanok castle consists of three parts of different levels which are called according to their location of the Upper, Middle and Bottom Castle. The oldest of them – the Upper Castle originating in XIV-XVI century situated on top of a mountain, the Middle Castle founded in the XVII century located at 6 m below the Upper castle and the Lower Castle founded in the XVII century built on a 10m below the Middle Castle. Many people visit this castle every year and some of them even return to enjoy its beauty again. In the evening, you’ll stay at the hotel, where you can swim in the Ukrainian hot tubs and relax till the next morning.

Day 13

On the 13th day, after having breakfast, you will check out from the hotel and we will take you to Kolomyia). The first record of Kolomyia as a town of Prince Danylo Halyytsky refers to the chronicles of 1241. It was standing at the crossroads of important trade ways to Prague, Vienna, Regensburg and Mainz. In the mid 13th century, the town was an important center of salt extracting. Convenient location of the town promoted rapid growth of trade. Kolomya formed part of Galitsko-Volynsky state. From 1349 to 1569, the town belonged to Poland. In 1498, the Turks and Valkhs, while moving to the west, destroyed the town. In 1502 and 1505, Kolomyia was burnt, and, in 1589, it was almost completely destroyed. Nowadays, this city is famous for a museum of Pysanka. The building of the museum is made in a shape of a huge Easter egg. The height of the building is 13 meters. The collection includes about 10 thousand exhibits, representing the tradition of Pysanka painting of almost all regions of the country. Also, works of artists from Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, countries of Western Europe and America can be found in the collection. The current Pysanka Museum building was built in 2000.  You will go on an excursion to that museum and after it you continue your trip to Chernivtsi where you’ll stay at the hotel over the night.

Day 14

On the (almost) last day of your trip, you’ll go on the excursion around Chernivtsi and discover its breath-taking architecture. Chernivtsi is often called “a little Paris” because of the architectural style of its buildings and local atmosphere. It is believed that the area of Chernivtsi was already inhabited in the time of the Neolithic era but it wasn’t until the end of the 18th century that the city got its splendor. Chernivtsi has become a typical Central European city of this time, with stunning architecture and rich cultural life. It also was “Little Vienna” as it just resembles the capital of Austria so much! After the First World War Bukovina together with Chernivtsi was under the Romanian rule only to become part of USSR in 1940 and eventually independent Ukraine in 1991. These days it’s one of the most important cities in Western Ukraine and together with Lviv they make a cultural hub of the country. The city is also famous for its university. The university was founded in 1875, succesiding the Chernivtsi Higher Theological School, which had existed since 1827. Until 1918 it was known as Franz- Josefs Universitat, with German as the language of instruction and separate departments of Ukrainian and Romanian language and literature. It is one of the most impressive European Universities and is considered to be one of the most visited places of Ukraine.

Day 15

The 15 th day is a departure day. It is always sad to say good bye… But we hope that you have enjoyed your trip to the fullest and will come back again soon! On your last day, don’t forget to buy some local souvenirs, take a stroll down the streets, take enough pictures, eat more pastries and drink aromatic coffee. We advise you to buy a post card with a city view and send it to someone you love. We bet it will make their day! By the way, make sure to come to the Central Square at 12 pm. You will find a man in traditional Ukrainian clothes on the balcony of the city hall. He will perform a famous Ukrainian song which is called “Marichka”. If you head back to Kiev, we can book train or bus tickets for you or if you want to stay longer, we can organize some more events. We are looking forward to having you in Ukraine someday again!

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Hurry Up!

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Main Cities of the Tour

  • Kiev
  • Kharkiv
  • dnipro
  • odessa
  • lviv
  • uzhhorod
  • chernivtsi

Kiev is known as Mother of Russian cities. Once upon a time, King Oleg united the northern and southern Rus in one state and proclaimed Kiev its capital. These historical events forever impacted its history. There are many churches, monuments and other attributes which date back to IX century. So many tourists come to Kiev in order to learn more about ancient world, explore unique churches and simply enjoy the local atmosphere. This city is located in the very heart of the country and becomes more and more popular among foreigners.

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