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Duration: 9 days
Location: Kiev-Odessa-Lviv-Uzhhorod-Kolomyia-Chernivtsi
Price: £899
Duration: 9 days
Location: Kiev-Odessa-Lviv-Uzhhorod-Kolomyia-Chernivtsi
Price: £ 449

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We would like to invite you on a 9-day Architecture tour around Ukraine. On this special trip you’ll get a chance to visit main Ukrainian cities, go on the walking tours, learn some interesting facts and discover Ukrainian rich culture heritages. Most of Ukraine's cities will give you a glimpse into the country's grand architectural history. Architecture in Ukraine ranges from buildings dating back hundreds of years to massive contemporary high-rise structures. An outstanding sample of Ukrainian architecture can be seen in the Cathedral of Saint-Sophia in Kiev, which dates back to the 11th century. Visit Lviv if you are interested in medieval architecture or stop in Chernihiv to view its stunning buildings of long ago. The architectural style of Ukrainian Baroque can impress anybody! Ukrainian architects tried to combine elements of European Baroque with traditions of ancient architecture. Ornate Baroque shapes were balanced by the relative plainness of the walls, thus providing a general harmony and giving order to the overall composition via the laws of measure and rhythm. The classical architectural order involves Ukrainian artists, involved not only in the constructive logic, but also the decorative features: columns and pilasters are not necessarily load-bearing, and are decorative. During the tour, you’ll get an amazing opportunity to explore the diverse architecture of Ukraine! We believe it can be one of your best trips!



Breakfast 8 Lunch 2 Dinner 1
Train, private car/ mini van
Hotel (5 nights)
Kiev city tour Odessa city tour Lviv city tour Visiting of castle museum of Pysanka







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Day 1

On the first day, you arrive in Kiev (we can pick you up at the airport) and organize an excursion for you around the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv (also known as Kiev), a scenic city of close to 3 million people situated on the Dnipro River, is the bustling capital of Ukraine. The art and architecture of Kyiv are world treasures. The Cathedral of St. Sophia has outstanding mosaics and frescoes dating back to the 11th century. Overlooking the old section of Kyiv, Podol, stands the Ukrainian Baroque church of St. Andrew, much beloved by Ukrainians. The Percherska Lavra, the Monastery of the Caves, a short trolley ride from the center of town, has two 11th-century cathedrals on its grounds, in addition to its world-famous catacombs, bell tower, and museum collections.

Day 2

On the second day, you’ll have a free time in Kiev when you can discover the city on your own and do some shopping. There are many cafes, shopping centers and other places of interest where you can unwind, buy some souvenirs or little presents for your loved ones. Later in the evening, you’ll take a train to Odessa.

Day 3+4

With just over a million people, Odessa is Ukraine’s fourth-largest city. Set in the country’s south along the Black Sea coast, Odessa was founded in the late 18th century as a Russian naval fortress. For many years in the mid-19th century, it was a free port, becoming home to a multinational populace. In 1905, it was the site of a major Russian Revolution uprising by crew members of the Battleship Potemkin. The nice old town area has a beautiful opera house, and the city has many great beaches. You’ll spend 2 days in this amazing city during which you will be able to visit all main places, go on excursions, taste local food and have an encounter with local people. On the fourth day, in the evening, you’ll take a train to historical Ukrainian city Lviv.

Day 5

Lviv is a city with a lively history in Ukraine’s west that was founded in the 13th century and has changed flags many times in the years since, having been part of Poland, Austria-Hungary, and the Soviet empire. The city’s well-preserved historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture of Lviv, almost not affected during the wars of the 20th century, reflects many European styles of different historical epochs. The city’s architecture will show you the best of European styles from various periods. While walking through the streets of Lviv you will see baroque, renaissance and classic architecture.

Day 6

On the 6th day, you will have a free day in Lviv when you can soak up the atmosphere of the city and enjoy its beauty. In Lviv you’ll stay 2 nights at the hotel.

Day 7

On the seventh day of your trip, you check out from the hotel in the morning and go to the Chynadiyovo to see the castle Schönborn. Fairy tale castle Schönborn is located in a picturesque park near the village of Chinadiyovo. It appeared thanks to the family tradition of Schönborns to go for hunting in autumn. Instead of a small wooden house for hunters, Mr. Schönborn decided to build a castle where he could host his friends from Vienna. Today, this castle is a real pearl of Transcarpathian region. After the excursion, you will have lunch at the local café and head to Uzhhorod. Ukranian city Uzhhorod is famous for its castle. The castle was built between the 13th and 18th centuries and it combines different architectural styles. What is more, it played a big role in the history of Hungary. In the evening we’ll take you to one of best local restaurants and later to the hotel.

Day 8

On the 8th day, you’ll check out from the hotel and we’ll take you to Kolomyia, where you’ll visit the museum of Pysanka (painted egg). The current Pysanka Museum building was built in 2000 in the western Ukrainian city of Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast. Previously the pysanka collection had been housed in the Kolomyia church of the Annunciation. After an excursion, you continue your trip to Chernivtsi where you’ll stay at the hotel.

Day 9

On the last day of your trip, you’ll go on the excursion around Chernivtsi and discover its breath-taking architecture. The city is also famous for its university. The university was founded in 1875, succeeding the Chernivtsi Higher Theological School, which had existed since 1827. Until 1918 it was known as Franz-Josefs Universitat, with German as the language of instruction and separate departments of Ukrainian and Romanian language and literature. In the evening you can take a train or a bus to Kiev.

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Day 1 - Kiev

Day 3 - Odessa

Day 5 - Lviv

Main Visited Cities

  • Kiev
  • Odessa
  • lviv
  • Uzhhorod
  • Kolomyia
  • chernivtsi

Chernivtsi is often called “a little Paris” because of the architectural style of its buildings and local atmosphere. It is believed that the area of Chernivtsi was already inhabited in the time of the Neolithic era but it wasn’t until the end of the 18th century that the city got its splendor. Chernivtsi has become a typical Central European city of this time, with stunning architecture and rich cultural life. It also was “Little Vienna” as it just resembles the capital of Austria so much! After the First World War Bukovina together with Chernivtsi was under the Romanian rule only to become part of USSR in 1940 and eventually independent Ukraine in 1991. These days it’s one of the most important cities in Western Ukraine and together with Lviv they make a cultural hub of the country.